Update Log

Updated every time I make changes to the game.

12/25/22: Merry Christmas and happy holidays! Secondary path completed.

11/22/22: Took another break...added 5 new levels in the secondary path!

9/16/22: Took a little break. 4 new levels in the secondary path.

7/7/22: Secondary levels quietly released. 7 new levels.

5/19/22: After almost 11 months of waiting, the game is finally finished. Levels 87-100 were officially added.

6/20/21: Levels 76-86 were added.

5/29/21: 26(!!!) new levels were added.

5/16/21: Section 2 is real! Levels 51-57 are in.

4/30/21: The final 7 levels have been added! This is the end...

4/17/21: 14 new levels added, the largest update yet.

4/10/21: 13 new levels added. So many dead ends.

4/2/21: New folder created, containing 7 more levels.

4/1/21: Two new levels added (11 and 12). Created update log!

3/28/21: It begins. The first 10 levels were added, title screen created.

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