Hints for Levels 1-10

If you're having trouble, here are some hints for the first few levels.

1. What's under the recycle logo? Try hovering over it and see what pops up.
2. What's in the picture? Name it in the URL!
3. Look at the title! Maybe you can find something there.
4. See something in the picture? What cipher is used?
5. A username and password is needed in this one. Where can you find it? (Be sure to use the source code on this one!)
6. There are two pages on this one! You must see how the hints are used, and combine them.
7. There's text in the picture. Where can you apply it?
8. You need Level Two to solve this one. Reverse the name!
9. The picture is blurry. How can you fix it?
10. The answer is in the picture. It's very easy.